Heimdal PRO – 1-Year / 4-PC

Heimdal PRO – 1-Year / 4-PC


Brand: Heimdal
Manufacturer Part #: HMDL10601
Our Part #: AVS-HMDL10601
Availability: In Stock
Media Type: Download
Platform: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11

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Heimdal PRO protects users against attacks that antivirus can’t block


Heimdal PRO is a cyber threat protection suite that includes 3 layers of protection against ransomware, financial Trojans, data-stealing malware and other threats that antivirus can’t detect.



The difference between Heimdal PRO and antivirus:


Reactive antivirus looks for files and actions, whereas Heimdal looks at traffic. Heimdal works proactively to prevent cyber criminals from infecting your system, taking data from your PC and moving it out of your network.



Heimdal PRO is powered by 3 engines that ensure:


  • real-time traffic scanning – protection against Zero Hour exploits, dangerous web locations, malicious content from legitimate websites and cybercriminal attacks.
  • detection and blocking of advanced malware attacks – blocks confidential data leakage and data exfiltration to cybercriminal-controlled servers.
  • automatic and silent patching – keeps your security-critical software up-to-date, blocking over 85% of attacks that target software apps.



Heimdal is compatible with any Windows environment from Windows 7 to 10.

Additional Info

Segment Home
License Information
License Type New License
Seats 4
License Term (Months) 12
System Requirements
Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11


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